Crib Tent, Shmib Tent!

So Munchkin has climbed out of his crib, in fact, fallen out :-(  Ouch!!  So it's time to either convert his crib to a toddler bed, or strap on a crib tent to his crib...Which did we choose? Well I'd prefer Toddler Bed, but we also double purpose his room as the office, so it's not really baby-proof.  So crib tent it is!

We just spent 5 days at Aunt Bonnie's house and Munchkin climbed out of the pack-n-play over 40 times (exhausting) so we tried to get him to nap in his cousin's crib (which had a tent), but he was totally freaked out by it.  When we were leaving her house, she said she wanted to order a crib tent for us because "that way it would be there the DAY we needed it -- sitting in a box, read and waiting!"  So, it arrived today! But since we're thinking of going on a mini family vacation, I thought now's as good of a time as any to introduce it to him.  I asked around on Facebook for any other moms' advice and one friend had used one.  She had a VERY helpful suggestion of allowing him to play with it, the zipper, the poles, the fabric, etc before I set it up.  And then also letting him play in it as I raised the arches, etc...He LOVED it!  Even when I zipped it up and gave him kisses through the mesh. Adorable!  He was also mashing his nose against it, which looked QUITE funny!!

Then it was bedtime -- the real test!  I delayed it by about 45minutes so he was REALLY tired.  He drank his milk, we changed into PJs, brushed his teeth, read his books, sang his songs, and so on.  Then, in the dark, I placed him in his crib, content and sleepy.  But wait, I had to actually then ZZzzzzzziiiippppp up the tent.....As soon as I did ---> "Wahhhh!!!"  I figured I'd give him a minute or two to stop crying and settle himself before going in; so, I went downstairs and put in a load of diapers.  Meanwhile, hubby went in and unzipped the tent..(Grrr!)  He told me we'd introduce it in "Baby Steps!"  Of course, Munchkin immediately stopped crying and fell asleep, but we'll see tomorrow during his nap how he handles it in the light of day....

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