Crib Tent, Shmib Tent (take 2)

Well, I wouldn't wish last night on anyone!  Normally, he sleeps through the night without a sound coming from his room.  Last night, he got up 3 times and wailed.  I was able to settle him easily the first time without removing him from the crib, but the second and third time, he was determined to "get outta Dodge" :-)  The morning was a disaster...I thought maybe he'd get used to his tent if I put some books in with him.  That only seemed to make him more angry about his plight!

This afternoon, however, I got off easy.He was SO tired, he fell asleep really quickly and deeply; so, I placed him in the crib and he didn't wake up when I zipped it.  He didn't sleep as long (about half of his typical nap), but hopefully he'll be tired enough tonight to do the same!

On a lighter note, about 2 weeks back while singing his lullaby, I sang a bit too loud for his liking and he told me so, with a soft "Shhhh" and a tiny finger pressed to his pursed lips!  I melted right then and there!  (We've recently been working on Loud/Soft and apparently he wanted me to know he got it!)

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