Munchkin @ 22months old

Since my last blog post about him:

2 haircuts have come and gone (his hair grows at an amazing rate -- I wonder if all kids' does). 
He's grown a clothes size and 2 shoes sizes.
Played in 6 total inches of snow!
He's figured out ways to throw almost all his toys over the deck railing...
He's learned that just because I put his socks and shoes on, that doesn't mean he has to keep them on!
He's learned he can climb anything and everything he wishes.  Although he (THANK GOD) has not learned to push chairs over to the counters, or over to the ledge by the stairs, etc!  But at the rate of discovery he's shown thus far, that feat is in the near future I'm sure :-(  

But MOST EXCITING?  He's almost talking! At this point, he can say probably about 30 words.  He knows hundreds, but can't say them all just yet.  Although he can say words, the cutest is when he climbs high on something and appears to be giving us a speech!  He says long "sentences" and waits for a response from you, then continues, then waits!  It's hilarious :-D  By the way, I can't praise the LeapFrog "Letter Factory" video enough for helping him be able to sound out his letters!  (Thank you Aunt Bonnie for telling us about it!)  He can sound out 17 of the 26, and recognize almost as many!   It's a little miracle for us.  I was getting a bit concerned that his speech was delayed!  Some of his most precious words are the ones that are "almost" right, like cars say "Bip, Bip," etc.  His actions that delight me most (as a mom) are when he gestures to me asking for kisses and when he signs that he wants me to sing to him "MORE" at bedtime!  I MELT into a puddle when he does that!  He's at his silliest though, when he's wrestling, tackling, hiding, and generally rough-housing with hubby!  I swear they act more like long-lost brothers than father/son!  But it's the best entertainment in MY book!

Meal times are still my most "adventurous" with him still; I NEVER know what will happen.  The other day, he didn't eat ANYTHING for lunch and then for dinner ate a full cup of broccoli.  However, a few weeks ago, he would only eat orange and yellow items:  eggs, oranges, lentils, carrots, peaches, corn, etc.  Other days it's been only green things! Yet, from hearing the tales of other moms I know he's definitely a typical toddler!  

His latest toy acquisitions came from their quarterly father/son trip to the toy store (so I could have an hour in a quite house).  What did they bring home?  2 enormous dinosaurs -- like 24 inches long!  He's played with them and dragged them all over the house for the past 2 weeks! You might remember that one of their previous excursions brought home a TRICYCLE which Munchkin couldn't even ride (still can't), so I was thrilled that this trip produced a more age appropriate set of toys!  But some things never lose their appeal, namely the Thomas table Aunt Bonnie passed onto us before Christmas!  That thing has been through 6 kids and will probably make it through 20 more!  It's indestructible!  Thanks again Aunt Bonnie! 

Well, I can't believe I wrote so much about him, since I only wanted to simply catch you up on how he was doing before he's TWO!!  But there's so many things that make him who he is that I couldn't help myself!  Ultimately, he's our little Munchkin ,who's growing and learning at an incredible rate!  Want proof?  There's lots of current pics in his photo albums on the left side of the blog -- Enjoy!


  1. lovely post Connie isn't being a Mum the best

    love ya


  2. This is great! I love those Halloween pictures of him as a little monkey.

  3. It absolutely is the best, Rebecca! And that brown nose is one of my favorite memories thus far, Judy!