Who am I? What are we!?

Who are we really? Are we our experiences? Are we our struggles/triumphs? Does our consciousness/self continue to exist after our physical body dies?  I just listened to this fabulous discussion between a neuroscientist who studies states of mind, a cardiologist who studies "clinical-dead" survivors, and a philosopher who bridges the gap between Western and Eastern philosophies about states of being:  FOUND HERE.  Listen and see what you think and if it challenges your thoughts about "who you really are" in any way!  

That said, one of the guests spoke about real experiences of clinically dead people who have "come back."  AMAZING! Along those lines, I'd like to share here with you about my grandfather's experience. Around 1980 he had heart-related near-death experience and had the EXACT same description of it, as the patients described in the stories.  He described it as a wholly enveloping feeling of being unified, one with his family, and with all that he knew. Whatever words best describe it, it changed him ENTIRELY (so my mother and aunts/uncles tell me). That you'd never know him as the man they grew up with. Now, for HIM, this desire to understand what happened to him manifested in a earnest *religious* pursuit of what that experience was and what it meant.  He came to believe the truth was Christianity.  He said it was the feeling of his family's energy in the room emotionally (and forcefully) pulling him back to his physical body that "brought him back." But he said it was so tempting to want to stay "there" -- ONE! As if it were *their intentions* for him to return that brought him back. He is now deceased, but I am glad I was able to know him, and know him as the reborn person - wise, compassionate, and loving.   

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