Handknit Shorties (yay!)

So thanks to a local mom on Craigslist.org, Munchkin is now sporting the cutest summer pajamas (handknit!) that I've seen yet! Don't you agree??

Since he's cloth diapered, every so often he pees more than his diaper can hold since he sleeps for 11-13 hours. Thus I started sewing the longies (HERE). Those first two pair are pretty thick, and are a bit warm for him now that the summer heat is relentless so I've stopped using them till winter. His other two pair (HERE & HERE) are cashmere or angora (lighter weights) so they're not quite as warm, but still absorbent!  I had been using them, but was getting bored with only the two pair night after night!  I felt I needed a couple more pairs and haven't had time to sit at the sewing machine lately.

S0,...while searching Craigslist on a whim one day, I spotted three amazing Handknit shorties for a steal! (:Lord knows, I haven't figured out how to knit yet so I didn't make them!)  But they are basically handknit versions of my recycled felted, "knit sweater" longies as SHORTS!  So cute! I didn't get to take a pic of the third pair, but they're teal, chocolate, and copper brown! I absolutely love each of them on him! They're even cuter in person than in the pics and he seems to really like how soft they are, as you can plainly see from his sweet smile!
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  1. Absolutely adorable!!!... and the shorties are cute too ;)

  2. Thanks Kris! He IS quite a photogenic little kid!