Squirrelly Bottoms!!

Muchkin needed another pair of Longies, and I didn't like that his pants didn't have shirts to match to make a "PJ Outfit" so I did what I do best --  went ahead and made it myself!  Here's the result!


The top is embroidered with a happy squirrel with a bushy tail, eating his acorn!
And the pants were made from an angora sweater -- super soft.  
I was actually able to get 2 pairs out of the sweater and gave the other pair away. 
The waistband is leftovers from another wool sweater that was the perfect color!
Here's the second pair I made :-)


  1. Beautiful! I'm still learning how to make good longies...

  2. Thanks Rebecca! You're so supportive!

  3. @birdlady: Thanks so much! I shared my favorite Tutorial links a while back that may help.


    But don't worry; if you can make your lovely hats, you can make longies :)

  4. How way cute are those?! I love "little" clothes. Why don't we adults dress as artfully?

    YOu were asking where I got the hilarious dude-dress pattern? At a thrift shop here in Calgary. I always check them out and score some funny stuff.

    The Sewing Dork

  5. TSD: You're too kind! I haven't actually attempted many "clothes" -- like that he'd wear in public - LOL - just PJs mostly! But it's building my confidence little by little, piece by piece!

    That's a really good question though (about our wardrobes). I wonder, if it may have something to do with that thing in our mommy-brains that says "It's worth the effort for someone else, but not for ourselves!?" Yeah, I think that's it. You have any theories!?