Beaming with pride!!

Well, we officially have a toddler in our house now!! That's right; Munchking is walking as of April 22 (12 1/2 months old). We're so proud of him! He also got to see his first BIG tractor (pics below) in the park last weekend!

And just as momentous, the same week Munchkin walked, Hubby tested for his black belt! It was a long test, challenging both his endurance and his focus, but he did quite well and I'm SO proud of him!

(Here he's playing with his new train (a gift),
even before eating his breakfast!
 He LOVES this thing, and we can probably largely credit
it with his newfound ability to walk. No joke!)

In other news, I cut my hair!!! It was long overdue, and feels so good to have it off my neck now that the southern sun has been beating down on us!

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