You've come a long way, Crochet!!

A picture speaks a thousand words....

First slippers 3+ years ago:

And....a pair I recently made for hubby (which I've promised him for a year now!)
These use the puff stitch so they're realllly warm!!
I also made a similar pair (black and white) for my aunt who lives in chilly NH with a cute white button closure (which I simply left loose so she could knot it to adjust to her comfort).

I have read SO many craft blogs, patterns and tutorials since that first pair of "can't sleep in the middle of the night" stroke-of-genius slippers that ended up looking like eggplants! But my progress can also be attributed to trial and error with the many pairs of booties/slippers I've made (adult and munchkin size alike), and the many more pairs I ripped out and started over!! Practice make perfect!

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