And our Munchkin is ONE year old!!

Wow...he's one year old! I honestly didn't think I'd be this emotional. But, I look at him and see what a little boy he's becoming, and the floodgates open up! I know it's a good thing that he's growing as he should, that he's healthy, happy, and is loving life as every little muchkin should. But that said, his turning one has made me face the fact that he'll turn 2, and ...3, and... 4, and he'll grow, and his shoulders will broaden, he'll play sports, and get hurt in sports, and grow taller than me, and so much more. I'm glad life comes in slow stages, day by day, or it would overwhelm me how beautiful it is. Hubby reminded me today of all the stages of life we've gone through just since we've known eachother: the free-as-a-bird in college, the decision to get married, where to work, where to settle down, when to have kids. It's breathtaking how fast life goes by. It's no wonder why we take it for granted sometimes. But I try to be mindful of the blessings it brings, and we truly celebrate it when we remember to, and hopefully that honors it enough.

Munchkin's first birthday was celebrated by my making him a homemade "smash cake" for him to enjoy the morning of his birthday (after his breakfast, of course)! And then we held a party in Pittsburgh with almost all of our family. For this I handmade the cupcake decorations. Thank you to all who made the trip to Pittsburgh to see him turn one! It really meant quite a lot to my hubby and I. Your generosity was touching, as well. He loves his books and when he's not playing with his walker/train, he's following his big red ball or swinging on his outdoor swing! For those of you who were unable to attend, here are a few highlights of the festivities!! And my sister has posted additional pictures on her site as well, HERE.

**Now that he is one year old, and sure to be more active, but have less milestones, we won't continue the monthly updates (nor send out the accompanying emails) but we'll still be posting to the website as the whole family does interesting new things, including a trip to the NC Zoo this summer. I may throw in an informative post or two about things like why/how we cloth diaper, about my craft projects, my garden, and our never-ending house projects! (Fortunately, I actually enjoy staining decks and painting, thanks to my Dad!!)

So go enjoy your spring and summer, but be sure to keep checking back with us as you're able :)


  1. adorable snaps so happy you had fun with your family love Rebecca

  2. Looks like you all had a great time. I can't believe he's already one! The first time we saw him he was teensy in his little car seat carrier. Thanks for sharing these pics!