What a scare!!!!

Thought we'd share a little story about Munchkin with you! Some of you know, we have been super careful and picky about what foods he was going to have introduced to him and when, and how! Well, last week was our week to introduce whole milk to him hoping for no milk allergies. Not that there is any allergy history for our family, but better safe than sorry. So we put half formula and half milk into his bottle, and to our delight, he seemed to have no problems! Yay!

About 2 hours later, however, Hubby was watching him in the kitchen and Munchkin was happily playing on the floor with his toys, when Hubby heard him making a smacking sound with his lips, as if he were eating something, but hubby hadn't given him any food. So, he looked down, and Munchkin looked up, still as a rock, with his mouth closed, and hubby thought all was well. Then a few moments later, he heard it again. When he looked down this time, he saw dark flecks strewn all over the floor and a sweet baby smacking his lips as he happily experienced the joy of my absolute favorite food: chocolate!! He had retrieved a bag of chocolate chips from the pantry bins, chewed his little mouse teeth through the bag, and who knows how many he had eaten! I was sincerely worried for an allergic reaction, but worse, how would I know what caused it, the milk or the chocolate! There's normally a 3-4 day waiting period for introducing a new food, and we hadn't planned on introducing chocolate until he was at least 18 months old! My mind ran away from me: "What if he has a bad reaction? "He'll never get to enjoy milk and cookies after school," and on and on my mind went. An hour or so later, he was mucousy, and snotty, and had awful gas; but alas, he has had no serious reactions from the incident. Boy, does he want it again though. As soon as we put him on the floor of the kitchen to play while I made dinner that night, he crawled straight to the same bin, found the same bag, and tried to extract some more for himself. What a little mouse! He certainly knows what he likes and goes after it! So in the end, despite all our carefully laid plans, our little mouse decided he wanted introduced to chocolate sooner rather than later! (Evidence that he takes after his mama.... I do love me some chocolate !! )

Speaking of which, as a little side note: A friend and I recently discovered that Godiva has a loyalty/rewards card like the grocery stores do and with it you can get a free specialty chocolate every month (no purchase necessary!) Thought I'd share the chocolate love with you all!

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