Munchkin is 11 months old!!

So my baby is now 11 months old. When did this happen!?! I can still picture myself carefully adjusting his carseat to bring him home from the hospital. But he has grown more than in size alone, of course. He's on the go more than ever, and as a result, so am I. I'll submit the tardiness of this post as evidence ;) His personality has really started to emerge in the past 2 months and he's learning to do all kinds of little boy things like:
*he tries to wave to people (or the dog) when we say hello or good bye (most times)
*he 'walks' around the kitchen pushing a dining chair
*he picks up quickly on things from other people & kids (like sticking out his tongue, he mimics the sound of babies' crying, and he now mimics me when I sing my opera around the house, trying to hold notes as long, and as loudly, as he's able!!
*he feeds me his food from his tray when I say "Mama eat," to him! Melts me!
Unfortunately we haven't taken many pictures this month as I let the batteries in the camera die without having any backups in the house and bought the wrong type. However, that mistake was small compared to my phone slipping into my tea in the car, which actually brought me to a panic, then all out tears because all of Munchkin's dates were stored on it (first date he crawled, said mama, etc). The guilt of losing those whould never have left me, so I'm glad my husband is a miracle maker and got my phone working again! (Thank you, Hubby.) Enjoy the pics we were able to take...And my next post will be of him turning ONE!!

Greatgrandma came to visit him a few days ago.
She just loves his dark eyes!

Success...a picture where you can actually see his top teeth!!
They look a little scary here, but if you click on the picture to zoom in you can see them better! I can't tell you how many attempts I've made to get just this one picture!

What a nut!

He's thinking about going and splashing Elie's water --

And yes, since I had a camera in my hand, he indeed worked his way INTO Ellie's water!

What a cutie-pa-tutie!
During the past month I've been quite productive with my crochet! (Yes, I made the hat and mittens in the pic above.) Recently I've made a TarHeels hat for Munchkin (pictured below). After a failed attempt at felt superhero patches for my nephews, I made two cute hats for my nephews in the same style as his (one is yellow and black for Steelers pride; the other is green and black for the Green Lantern!) They're simple, but super cute! I also made a fun pair of slippers for a friend's birthday. They were pretty straightforward, but the flower made them more feminine! I've also made more booties than I can count, and given most of them away to various friends, but I managed to remembered to take pictures of some of those before giving them away. Enjoy!

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  1. Grams says he is a beautiful boy. Yes, sir. A real sweetie pie.