Munchkin is 10 months old

So many "firsts" to share this month:
*he climbs the stairs (while we follow, of course)
*cruises along the couch, tables, stools, you name it!
*tried cheese, eggs, bread, pasta, beans, corn, dates, ........... and now eats 3 solid meals a day!
*makes fishy faces/kissing noises -- so cute!
*makes the "B" sound
*makes the "F" sound (now that he has his top teeth)
*feeds himself all kinds of finger foods now!
*he's into everything -- I finally had to baby-proof the cabinets!!

His new favorites are:
*"wresling" with dad when he gets home from work
*playing with 2 wooden toys Aunt Jess gave him underneath his exersaucer!!
*daddy's hand-puppet shows
*bouncing/squatting/dancing up and down every chance he gets
*swatting at a toy Aunt Bonnie gave him for Christmas (a big ball that has a chime inside and makes noises)

Other new adventures for us have been going to a great little music class (sort of like Musikgarten), in addition to our library times called "BookBabies." He absolutely lights up at the first few notes of a song, and loves all things musical -- bells, whistles, chimes, drumming/tapping, singing, humming, and shaking rattles. What is NOT new, but never ceases to amaze me is that positively everything he can get his little munchkin hands on goes straight into his mouth (those chimes and bells included) and he can find the tiniest speck of lint on his pants or it of paper on the floor. And how he can discover something new and study it as if he were a scientist. One of my most proud moments was our trip to Charlotte's IKEA store with a friend of ours. We had a blast, and the kids were such good sports about the drive, and being in strollers for extended periods of time! I found a few clever wooden toys for him, which we'll save for his first birthday, and lots of hand-puppets that will entertain him for years to come! (Yes, it was hard for me to buy something I could sew myself, but these were so cute, and much less expensive than buying all the needed fabrics, thread, etc. Not to mention the time creating patterns, cutting the fabrics and being at the sewing machine.)

Since we're on the subject of my craft projects...the snow we received last weekend (which forced us inside for 4 days) was quite a help in my getting some crochet projects finally finished! In total, I finished 4 pairs of booties, one caterpillar, his lion (to complete the animal set from Christmas), a wool softy doll for my niece, and a cute wool cuddly for my sister's birthday! Whew...that's a lot! The redeeming quality of crochet (and knitting, which I don't do YET!) is it's portability...I can crochet while he is playing with his blocks, or while I watch TV, or while he is wrestling with Daddy, or while we're traveling to Grandmas! Excluding a few choice projects I've all but stopped sewing for now. At least till he's older and can entertain himself even better, and for longer periods of time, than he's able to right now.

Many more photos are in his web-albums (links can be found on the left side of the page).
So glad you read these silly updates. I love making them!


  1. Love all the new pics. Sounds like you have been a busy mommy! I especially love the picture of him under his exercauser and Ellie kissing him. Just too cute.

  2. I am in love with that little lion!

  3. Awe, thanks! It's one of my favorites too! I wish my little Munchkin liked it (or any of my creations) as much as you do! He seems to be one of those run/climb/roughhouse kind of kids.
    Time will tell! LOL