Munchkin is 7mths old!!

So I fully realize I'm starting to sound like a broken record when I state once again, "I can't believe he's 7 months old now...." But he IS, and now has TWO teeth as evidence (bottom, fronts). They truly drive home the fact that he is no longer a sweet little "baby" anymore, but a growing little boy! His attempts at crawling don't help preserve my baby image of him either! After a few playdates with some crawlers, he figured out how to turn from back to belly which led to turning around 360 degrees on his belly, and eventually scooting backward! So crawling may be just weeks away! He's also holding his bottle on his own almost the entire feeding! And very special to me is that he certainly knows who Rupesh and I are, making peek-a-boo much more fun these days! He's not yet vocalized a single "mama" or "dada" yet, but that isn't to say he doesn't tell us stories all day long! One of his SILLIEST discoveries is arching backward to look at things upside down -- us, Dora, Ellie, you name it! It's sooooo cute!

And boy is he growing, but no longer in width; he's finally lengthening out ;) No worries though; he still has those cute ham hocks! He's trying new foods all the time. Thus far, he's had oatmeal, rice, "multi-grains," prunes, bananas, lentils, sweet potato, pumpkin, white potatoes, sweet peas, and asparagus, his favorite! He's only reacted negatively to carrots and apples thus far. And he's tried a pinch of cinnamon in his pumpkin and loved it! I can't wait to see if he likes avocado and butternut squash this week!

This month has also ushered in for him one unfortunate first -- an annoying cold :( We had hosted a playdate at our house (kids were all seemingly healthy), but ultimately he woke the next morning with a stuffy nose. (So sad...) He didn't develop a fever, so I wasn't overly concerned for him; only one day he certainly not sem himself (irritable & sleepy, etc.) His cold didn't effect his sleep AT ALL, for which I am very thankful; because, he has been sleeping just like a baby should: long, and deep!

Now that we have a child, and more sleep, we've been going out to do more things to explore this fair city we call home: fall festivals, autumn drives, pumpkin patches, etc. Having a child makes Halloween festivities much more fun too! He was a little dinosaur since it was too cold for him to be a pumpkin, though we did not go trick-or-treating due to rain. We did attend a Halloween party and a "fall festival" that had a petting zoo. We also visited a big pumpkin patch. Both produced some incredible pictures of Munchkin!

After MANY photos were snapped...he was DONE being a dino :P
Poor Guy!

His cold brought on a first for me as well: cabin fever!! Since he's been sick, I can't go anywhere with him -- can't see our neighbor and her precious 7wk old son, can't go to "BookBabies" at the local libraries (which I enjoy almost as much as he does), can't go to Goodwills to kill some time (very sad about that one), and can't even go grocery shopping or run errands with him :( At the very least, I been able to leave the house to workout & grocery shop. This situation HAS led to more sewing and crocheting than usual! Some pics of those projects and others are below, as well as the reason you visit the blog -- more pics of Munchkin :)

And don't forget, there's always MANY MORE pics of him in the
"photo albums on the left side of the blog!

Here's a hat I made him in like 15 minutes!
And you can see his 2 front teeth a bit here (if you click on the photo).

Here's another hat I crocheted for him just this week!

Here's a simple single crochet blanket I mad for him recently.
He seems to really like the texture and softness of it!
I like how simple, but classic it is!

Here are 2 hats I had made for hubby's nieces before we went to see them in Denver.
This is actually a back-view of them; they have flowers on the front!!

And here is a whale and snake I made for Munchkin from an thrifted, felted wool sweater!

This is a hat and pants set that I made for him to wear with a pumpkin costume, but I quickly realized Halloween would be too cold for him to be a pumpkin, despite all my hard work :(
They were simple "T-Shirt pants" ;)

And if you've read THIS far, then you might be interested to know that my workouts are coming along quite well! I've now lost almost every pregnancy pound using the elliptical machines and the exercise ball, and getting back into doing my yoga routines again. I wouldn't have expected the exercise ball to be this effective for my abs, but am using the gym's machines for my arms and shoulder strength. A welcome change in appetite (decrease) has also occurred since weaning him, so I no longer feel hungry every 2 hours! All these efforts are paying off :) I have packed up ALL my maternity clothes, and now about 5 pairs of my old jeans fit! So I'm on track to meet my goals by the end of the year! Yay!

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  1. Please bring that baby here SOON!!! I didn't see any new pics in the 6-9 month album. Are they there??? Can't wait to love on that baby in 4 days!!! Love you!