Quick Trip to Pittsburgh

Munchkin seemed like he was missing his aunts, (admittedly, I was too) so we decided to take a quick trip to Pittsburgh this past weekend! We had a great time, of course! Aunt Bonnie and Aunt Jessie *fought* over who could hold him, put him to bed, who could change his clothes, and console him, but no one wanted to change his diaper; go figure!! We slept well and ate well, but most of all we had a great time visiting with eachother. We ate Panera bagels for breakfast, watched the kids jump on the trampoline, played Connect Four, and had campfires and s'mores when the sun went down! And we definitely got in a trip to the local thrift shops for my sisters addiction to kids clothes! It was such a quick trip though that we didn't get to go to the family farm and visit with my Aunt Dee or Grandmother, nor our friends Justin & Candy (We were so sad.) But we learned our lesson: to make our trips a day longer so we're able to fit it all in next time!

Hope this finds everyone healthy and happy! As far as pics go...we were so busy having fun, we took almost none..Here are 2 that turned out nicely of my two sisters and Uncle Tim with him! But Bonnie has posted some AMAZING pics of Munchkin on her log at www.theDeMotteSix.BlogSpot.com

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