Munchkin is now 8 months old!

This past month has flown by so quickly it seems. The biggest news is that he can now crawl, and pull himself up to a standing position, and is almost "cruising" along the couch. He can't quite keep up with Ellie but he can certainly follow behind us as we walk around the house from room to room :-) He's also beginning to recognize words with their actions, like "Tap" and "Kick". Although he hasn't sprouted any more teeth (in the past 3 months), he continues to "eat" his toes from in a sitting position. (How a baby can be so cute is beyond me!!) The only task in my day requiring real patience is his eating of solid foods. Many days he is open (literally) to the idea of eating, but other days he positively refuses by turning his head or "spitting" out the food. Sweet fruits, however, go down with no struggles whatsoever!

Other than all that, I feel like there's no real news or issues that we're having: cloth diapering is going well, he is sleeping well, still takes at least 2 glorious naps per day, and plays contently with his toys or Ellie's tail. I feel as though we as a family have *finally* worked our way into a routine which works for us. We're all getting more sleep consistently which helps tremendously, and things have become rather predictable. Which has been positive and negative at times. On one hand, I have sought SOME semblance of a routine since he was born, but on the other hand, life can seem rather repetitious and non-spontaneous at times. We've also been spending more time, really MOST of our time indoors. Partially because Ol' Man Winter has decided to make himself at home here, but also because the flus (plural) are still pervasive in our city, especially among kids :( So it was a highlight of my month to go for a walk with my neighbor and her little ones and have a friend, and her sweet little daughter, over to the house for a crochet lesson! On a sidenote, my workouts have been consistent, but have slipped down to only twice per week since I've lost all the pregnancy weight!

To keep busy, I've been crocheting a little jungle-full of animals as one of Munchkin's Christmas presents! I've also made him a silky snugglie that's Christmas themed! (I promise I'll post pics of all these projects closer to Christmas.) As for decorating for the holidays, I've only managed to put up some lights and some garland, but it's all for the best; since he's still at that mouthing stage where anything which can fit in his mouth goes in his mouth!

Here are just some of the many pictures we've taken this month.  And as always there's more pics of him in the online picture albums of him (including a series of shots that Hubby took with him inside a laundry basket -- hilarious!!! Those links can be found on the left of the blog. Hope you all enjoy your holidays with family and good friends, and stay warm by a cozy fire -- I know that's where I'll be ;-)

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