Trip to Denver 2009

This past weekend we took a quick trip to Denver so hubby's cousin could meet Munchkin. We had such a nice time visiting, sight-seeing, and celebrating Diwali together. I think our nieces also liked spending time with us doing things like hide and go seek and making "American"banana milkshakes!

It was our first time flying with Munchkin and let me just say, it was a dream! He did SO well on the planes, not crying even once! Each of the 4 flights, he would just fall asleep with a full tummy during take off, wake an hour later, and then be content to play on our laps, or smile at the other passengers behind us until we landed! Initially, I was disappointed that we didn't get a non-stop flight, but it actually worked out better to have 2 shorter flights than a single long one, because we didn't have to change diapers, feed him, etc on the planes in their tiny bathrooms! On one flight which wasn't quite full, we actually were able to have a seat free in between us, which was much more comfortable for all!

Here he is sleeping on my lap in-flight, covered in my sweater to shade the bright sun!

For me the highlight of the trip was Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park. At first, I was more interested in seeing the mountains. I wasn't excited about going to see the wildlife. I grew up in PA where animals seemed to be everywhere you looked! However, once I stepped out of the van I was swept me off my feet by the cool mountain air, the trees, the huge, snow-capped mountains, and yes, even the animals!! At one point we saw about 25 elk all gathered together in a open plain between the mountains! (Those pics are in the photo album on the left side of the blog called: Trip to Denver 2009.) The whole experience took me back to the summers of my childhood when we'd leave home in the morning to explore the woods, have lunch on my favorite large boulder, and then return home for dinner! I'm sure we only saw a slice of the park, but what we did see was grand and glorious. I'm so glad we went to the park! It was nice to be reminded that all of nature truly is beautiful, elk and bison included!

Hubby's cousin Indira, pictured above, was so generous, giving Munchkin and I each a gift! I received a beautiful churidar kameez that I absolutely LOVE! He received a special, traditional gold ring that's given to Indian boys when they're young. It slipped off his finger once, so we removed it. (Thus, it is on his finger in some pics, but not others.) Hubby received a gift of a different sort: homemade, gourmet Indian foods for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and desserts day after day!!  Haha! Peanut chutney, tomato pickle, dosas, idli, an okra fry, chapatis, dal curries, "yellow rice", pea/bean curry, and the list goes on, and on! Every meal was so yummmmy! One of the dishes was a beet root curry (possibly my new favorite!)  Munchkin, on the other hand, continued to enjoy his normal pureed fare: bananas, sweet potatoes, prunes, rice, oatmeal, etc. 

Anyway, thank you, Indira and Sreedhar for everything! We had a wonderful stay!

And of course we took WAY too many pictures of Munchkin, so here are just a few!
Enjoy, and don't forget to leave your comments at the bottom!
There's a lot more of him & the entire trip in the "Trip to Denver 2009"
album link on the left side of the blog)


  1. Oh, please move my baby to PA! We have mountains and indian food too!!!

  2. @TheDeMotteSix: You make me laugh....Reddy says: "Correction: you have hills...hence the name "hill-billies!" Hahaha!!!!! That's why I love my hubby -- his quick whit ;)