Update on Workout and Quilt

I've decided to join the gym. I blogged about it a few weeks ago , but was quite anxious to actually commit to a 2 year contract. I "took the leap" though, and I'm loving it so far. I thought I would take advantage of the classes more than the machines, but it turned out that the yoga class is not very cardiovascularly challenging. It's enjoyable, and well-done; but, it's much slower-paced than what I need to actually lose the remaining pregnancy weight. So thus far, I am doing the elliptical (50min) + Arms + Abs on M, W, F, and Steve Ross style yoga once a week before hubby goes to TKD!

Also, remember that baby quilt I made for Munchking, but never finished?  Well, no, it's still not finished; but, I DID finally find and purchased the perfect fabric and batting that's perfect for it!  One step closer to it being done!!  (Being productive feels o-so-good.)


  1. Hello Rupesh ,Connie,n Raj. Raj is so cute.Happy New Year n Happy Pongal.
    Excited to see u all .
    (hope u still have my id rupesh)