Have toys, will travel :)

So I THOUGHT I had posted all the pics of the play mat I keep talking about, but I just realized that I didn't!!   So here's some pics.  I wanted it to be colorful and lightweight so I chose to not add a middle layer of batting and quilt it, but...I actually now wish I would've! Cause I have a feeling that all of the use it's gonna get -- it probably needed more stability.

I made it from Red, Blue, Orange, Green and Yellow fabrics I had.

On one side I added a "rainbow" striped fabric

The best part about it is that I added tabs to create a
drawstring effect that allows it to become a toy sack for travel.
I love how something like this can be both cute AND functional!!
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  1. Love it Bekis! Can't beat practical!

  2. OMG!!! That baby is so cute, I CAN'T STAND IT!!! The picture of him sitting on your lap smiling is so precious! I miss him!!!!! Please come up to Dad's over Labor Day!!!!!! I miss my Bobo so much! Oh, and you and Reddy too, of course!