Munchkin is 4 1/2 months old!!!

This post has a lot of pics, but believe it or not there's more in
his newest onine photo album on the left: Munchkin (4-6mths).

These past 2 weeks have been FULL of firsts...good and bad!
1. He's rolling over now!
2. He had his first illness :(
3. He had his first food! Yay!
4. Jumped in his doorway jumper!
5. Started making raspberries with his lips--How CUTE is that!!?
(I really wish I could figure out how to get the videos off the camera in the
right format for all of you to see these adorable feats...Grr.

He did well swallowing when trying his first food: oatmeal, and in the end he had more in his belly than on his face.  Success!!  He slept from 10 to 8 the next morning. The next night didn't go so smoothly though :(  He's had oatmeal every night since; getting better and better at swallowing each day, but he still loves breastmilk. The doc said he's now 18lbs exactly.  We'll start him on avacados, sweet potatoes, rice, etc in these next two weeks--so cool!

The full story of him getting sick, is basically that he had developed a fever (102.4) on the 14th, but it went away quickly with some acetaminophen. But then on the 18th he woke with a rash on his arms, legs and belly, and was pretty fussy/sleepy throughout the morning, but he had no fever. So we called the nurses at our PED office and made an appt for that afternoon. The doc said it was a common cold or virus, about which we shouldn't be  concerned, adding that the rash should go away in a few days. The next morning he was back to being his cheerful self and the rash had gone away, but he had some diarrhea :( My poor little guy...But on Thursday, after a few more naps and more frequent feedings to keep him hydrated
(and some of Grandma's lovins), he was AW BETTAW (translation "all better".)

See, such a precious, happy boy!

He's only rolled over a few times, but he's done it!! Yay, Baby :)
He loves his play blanket with all it's bright colors and patterns!

He seemed to love his Johny Jump-up when I put him in it yesterday for the first time!!

He's really sitting up well when he's "propped" up a little!
His T-shirt says "I'm in Charge!" LOL

Still, MORE more pics for you...

What a little "model" he is!!

He loves "holding" his hands; I think he'll find his feet SOON!!
Well, till next time--don't forget to leave me your comments!

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