Search for the Perfect Table!!

For literally 4 years now I've wanted a new dining table and chairs, but have only been actually searching out a table for 2 1/2 years. That's still quite a long time. For those of you who know me well, I have a lot of patience, and was brought up appreciating a good deal (soft-speak for "I'm cheap!"). So even though we could easily afford to buy one new, I'm a believer in the Reuse, Reduce, Recycle philosophy, and so I refused to go out and buy a new table when I just knew that the perfect one was out there somewhere needing me to save it from a landfill! We were using an extra, casual set Mom and Kurt were given that was rectangular with low back chairs. Although it served its purpose, its stain was a bright, high gloss golden color; totally out of place in my white, black, red and stainless kitchen!

And seemingly out of the blue, my mom found just the right table for me at a Goodwill, just days after I told her I was finally considering giving up my 2 1/2 year search!  She even knew it was the perfect one for me, buying it even before sending me a picture!  It was such a blessing, as I was growing annoyed of covering the other with a tablecloth every time people came over.  

In my mind, I had pictured a pedestal, clawfoot, and 48-50inch round table. One that ideally had a removable leaf.  My amazing mom found just that table for $25!! We (my sisters and I) learned our bargain hunting ways from a true bargain hunter! A few days later, she drove it to me, and within days I had that table sanded, primed, and painted with 2 coats!!   The supplies cost as much as the table! And the chairs (pictured below) were 4/$40 at a Goodwill in Pittsburgh, PA. My sister used them while the kids were young, but she was done with them.  And despite the kiddos rough ways, they're super sturdy and held up beautifully! They cleaned up nicely, (the seats just need repainted due to their booster seats).  And we all know that Black paint hides a multitude of messes! So, I thought I'd share the pics with you all!

It's the kind with the gears/wheels that keep it well-aligned!

And the top has beautiful grainwork that points toward the center.
I tried to preserve that in painting it!

And here it is, in place after all the work was completed.
I love it, LOVE IT!!!

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  1. That's awesome connie. Table look great and you did a great job and refinishing it and painting it. You go.