Our "Munchkin" is Growing!

I can hardly believe it--our son is
almost 4 months old!

As always, I've updated his online photo album with MANY pics,
which you can view by clicking on the "Munchkin (2-4mths)" link on the left side of this page,
under the PHOTO ALBUMS section!

Our kind neighbors, Gary and Kay, babysat him on Saturday so hubby and I could go see a movie!  (Thanks again, Gary and Kay!! Transformers was great!)  Then, yesterday, we went to visit some friends near Charlotte and he was a sweet, little angel the whole time :)  He didn't cry the entire trip and he barely even complained at all!

He's just now starting to reach for bright colored toys, and keeps a hold of them well once he has them.  He LOVES to cuddle/snuggle! He doesn't seem to be particular about who that is!  He has been sleeping at nights VERY well for us, especially for a breastfed baby, so I'm told.  Usually from 10pm-5am, eats and ges back to sleep til 7:30. But sometimes from 10-7 or 9-6, then til 8:30.  He's started to fall asleep for his daytime naps on his own pretty well, though not consistently.

A relative's baby who was born a week after Raj has rolled over already--but Raj is nowhere near that!  He IS very good at sucking on his thumb now that he's finally found it!  He had been only sucking on his first knuckle thus far...what a cutie!  He's certainly growing--17.5 lbs!! But he's still like a little BABY to us!
He has his next Pediatrician checkup in a week and a half.  Nothing's wrong that we know of.

I know what you're thinking though...
"Enough of the proud mommy babble. Show us some pictures!!"
So here ya go...

Hanging out with Daddy at Grandma's house.
Boy does this angel really make him look like a ChunkaMunk!!

Lately he's been falling asleep sucking on his bear's nose!
Adorable; I know!!

And in the mornings, hubby brings him into our room to eat!
Here he is with a full belly, snuggled up in the blankets with mommy closeby!

That's all for now...
I just wanted to keep all of you updated!


  1. Boy is he growing. He is such a little cutie...I bet you kiss his cheeks all the time. :-) He is getting to be a big boy. I'm glad he is a good boy for you. You got a keeper. :-) I wish David would sleep for 7 hours but he's getting better and we're working on it. Keep up the good work Connie.

  2. Hi Connie, Rupesh,

    This photo is so cute! I'd love to see all your other photos as well...