To Aunt Bonnie's House We Go!!

So last weekend, we went to Aunt Bonnie & Uncle Ryan's house in Pittsburgh!
Raji did VERY well on the 7 hour drive and was only little fussy on the way home.
We had a FULL house for sure!
There was Bon & Ryan, plus their 4 kids, Aunt Jessie & Uncle Jim came from Canada with their "son" Jerry (a golden retriever), and my dad and his wife came from WV, plus my Uncle Tim visited with his doggie Buster!

On Sunday we took another drive from Bon's up to my grandparent's farm so more of my
family could meet Raj for the first time, but of course we forgot the camera :(
My grandmother could barely let him go; she loved staring into his "black eyes."
We also stopped in to visit friends Justin & Candy who have 3 kiddos who we adore!
(Maybe they'll come visit us in NC before school starts again...hint, hint! )

All in all, we enjoyed our entire trip immensely!
How can you not when you're surrounded by loving family and such sweet kids?
Below are some pics for all of you to see what a good time we had.
Thanks again, Bon for everything!

I almost forgot...
Aunt Bonnie posted a few pictures & a VIDEO of Raj on her family's blog:


This is a crazy-cute pic of 3 of the 4 kids -- they're showing off "tattoos" on their backs!
Bon doesn't normally allow this of course, but when "Uncle Reddy" is in town, they're allowed!
Ben, left, has an elephant. Jake, middle, has wings. And Maria has a snake!
If you click on the picture it will enlarge and you can kind-of see each of them!


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