Munchkin is now One Month old!

Sorry I never got to post pics last week--things got a little crazy busy!  
My first few days by myself have gone fairly well.  
I'm still trying to do too much in too little time though;
I really should just throw out my ToDo lists.
(Easier said than done for an anal retentive personality!)

To view Munchkin's latest pics, 

Starts out with the same pics as before, 
but then it continues with the latest pics!

And to those of you out there who think that Munchkin looks only like hubby...
here are some pics that I found of me from when I was a baby!!  
See what you think...

We found out in the past 2 weeks that Munchkin is definitely a "motion" baby...
so we went out and got him a swing when Aunt Bonnie came to visit.  He just LOVES it!!

Here's one of the onesies I finally finished for him!   I don't know what the face was all about -- Aunt Jess and Grandma conducted this photo session!! 

Just look at that little angel!!  So peaceful.
Well, I hope you enjoy the pics in the album as well!  
I'll try to post every 2 weeks!

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