Munchkin at 6 weeks!

Hi All!
On Wednesday he will be 6 weeks old and he is growing like a weed!  He is probably 11-12 lbs now and has actually outgrown many of the clothes he wore in the first week of his life...so sad :(

To view his latest pics, 

Starts out with the same pics as before, 
but then it continues with the latest pics!

So let's see...his most recent nicknames are, of course, Munckin, Squeaker (Aunt Jessie named him that for all the noises he makes!), Manchi Baludu (means something similar to "good little boy" in Telugu), and Little Bunti (means something like...a little "bear" in Telugu)

He's started to sleep up to 5 hours at night, but not regularly yet.  I still have to take small naps while he naps during the day to make up for bad nights.  Cloth Diapering is going really well, with the help of some great advice from a friend.  He had developed 2 diaper rashes, but none since she helped us! When we do his "tummy times" he is SOOOO cute!  I'll have to include pics of that next time for all of you to see!  So all in all, things are going pretty well, and no signs of any colic developing (yay)!!  We took our first trip this past weekend!  He was great in the car!  We went to Grandma Beckie and Grandpa Kurt's house.  We celebrated again with burgers on the grill!  And hubby and I actually got out to watch a movie: the new Star Trek one.  A nice change of pace; although, I was getting sleepy toward the end.  To be expected, right!?

Well, I think that's all that's new since last time!  I know we didn't take as many pics these past 2 weeks, 
but we really are just now getting to feel fully comfortable with him; so, we'll start to take more pictures as things go even smoother in the weeks to come!  Take care till then and check back for more in 2 weeks!

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