Munchkin goes a ridin' :)

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I know you can't see him at first glance, but he's actually in the baby carrier, sleeping the day away!  He's been smiling more lately!!  Not exactly in response to anything in particular.  But he certainly is able to amuse himself, and studies everything he sees!  He also LOVES being in the stroller when I take my long walks in effort to lose the baby weight!  I've also started doing my yoga again...it has really helped with the "stress" of having a baby in the house, in addition to being a needed workout!  I really love it!  I do the Steve Ross kind on the Oxygen channel, but I'm hoping to start the mom and baby type yoga classes at the hospital this coming month!

Anyway, not much is new really...Family life is going well enough. I'm still trying to figure out how to cook with him around.  Sometimes it works well, and sometimes we have to just order Chinese or eat meals I've previously frozen.  I've even had to make my Indian dishes at 2 in the afternoon, simply because I know that I can do so uninterupted!!  But I'm sure I'll figure it out sooner or later!

Cloth diapering is going well...I've "worked out the kinks" and am into a nice, SIMPLE routine!   He's growing out of some, so I am ready to purchase a few diapers and get rid of a few too.  He's outgrown so many clothes.  He's a healthy, growing boy for sure.   He has to at least weigh 12lbs now!  Anyway, I'll post more about my experience with cloth diapering thus far by next Monday, maybe! 

He has his 2 month pediatrician appt. on the 9th, which I'm sure will go fine!  He'll start his series of vaccininations then, so I hope he tolerates those well!  
Take care everyone and hope to hear from all of you soon!
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