Munchkin's 2nd week of life!!

He is now 2 weeks old.  We can't believe it!
To view the latest pics, 
His "well-baby checkup" with the doctor went very well!  
He is completely healthy and gaining weight at an unbelievable rate (23oz in 14 days).
They said they the minimum they'll accept and expect is 
just one ounce per day; so, he's definitely a good eater!

Aunt Jessie has loved taking walks with us.  
She usually puts him in the "Infantimo" sling!  
It's super comfortable and more suportive for a newborn than 
the ring sling I had planned on using. 

Aunt Jessie has also fallen for our daughter, Ellie, and 
gives her lots of lovins for us, since she misses her doggy, Jerry!

Here we are just hanging out while munchkin did what he does best!

Mom, Kurt & Jessie prepared a great BBQ meal last Sunday to celebrate his birth.
My dad and Aunt Bonnie will be coming this Thursday night through Sunday to 
meet the little guy!  We can't wait for their arrival!  

Here's an sample of hubby's new passion--photography! 
He catches the most beautiful moments out of the most ordinary tasks.  
Here, Jess was just on her laptop!

And here munchkin and I were just cuddlin' on the couch and 
Aunt Jessie came over to ooogle over him!! 
 Hubby was able to catch it on camera!!

And of course we can't forget our faithful daughter, Ellie!  
She's been sooo good with Raj!

On Saturday, she got her first bath, trim, manicure, & pedicure since baby was born.  
She seemed to really miss spending time with her 
mommy so she loved every minute of it!

We had our first really "rough night" with him last night.  
One of his little nostrils was blocked and really bothering him. 
But the "booger sucker" did nothing to help...so it kept waking him up.  
Since it was the weekend, Daddy stayed up with him ALL night!!  My hero :)  
Which meant I managed to get 6 hrs of continuous sleep!!  
(Isn't it incredible what sleep can do for humans!)

Oh, and his cord fell off after just 9 days, so he also received his first real bath! 
(pics in the album)
He LOVED it!  The warmth of the water was so calming to him.
Feeling the chill of the air when getting out of the 
water proved more traumatic than the bath itself!

Well, that's all for now...we'll post more pics & updates by next Monday!

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