Munchkin's 1st week!

We've posted more pics to his web-album.
To view the latest pics, 
Starts out with the same pics as before, 
but then it continues with the latest pics!

So let's see: 
He is now 9 days old and his cord has fallen off!  
He's a good eater and seems to be gaining weight by the minute!  
His eyes haven't decided whether they want to be blue and brown yet (we think brown).  
We will be starting to use his cloth diapers this week or next.  
(Mommy is excited to see how that goes!!)
We took our first walk as a family on Wednesday!  Very special experience!!  
Daddy bought a fancy camera and is busy playing with his new toy - 200 pictures in 2 days.  Aunt Jessie flew into town today to stay with us for 2 weeks.  

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