Presenting...Our Baby Boy!

We're proud to announce the birth of our first child 
(to be officially known as "Munckin" on the blog!)

He was born Wednesday April 8, at 1:16 pm after 
a marathon labor that began Tuesday at 3:30 am!  
(To those of you who got the email saying only a 14 hr labor...
I don't know where hubby came up with that number!! Haha.)  

In any case, he's here. He's beautiful. And he's a healthy 7lbs 13ounces, and 19 inches long!!  
As you'll see below in pictures, he seems to be "all me" from the neck up 
(chin, lips, nose, eyes, eyebrows, etc,) but "all hubby" from the neck down 
(shoulders, broad chest, hands, long feet/toes, and strong legs). 
To see a complete
"Online Photo Album" 
that contains all his pics,  

First, I have to brag on my Husband...
I CANNOT say enough about what a great daddy my husband is!!  After munchkin was cleaned up and given to hubby, I was still being tended to and looked to my right and there was hubby absolutely "taken" by munchkin.  Seeing both of them stare at each other took me over with emotion and I cried like a baby!  Since then, of course he's learned the ins/outs of newborn care  (diaper changes, burping, swaddling, etc) but he is a master at soothing baby!  Yes, even better than me, in fact.  I can only soothe him with breastfeeding.  Hubby seems to know all the tricks: bouncing, swaddling, noises, etc!!  

Munchkin's Health
He was born as healthy as can be! On Wed morning, one of the pediatricians noticed he looked a bit yellow/jaundiced so we fed him more often and supplemented with some formula to get his body to purge the billirubin.  (Which helped me to get some sleep too!)  We just had an appointment Sunday and he's all better and healthy once again!  We'll have 2 more weight checks by the 23rd, but so far all is well!! The pic above is of him 'sunning' to help the jaundice.

Thoughts thus far on becoming parents

Love, Love, Love it!!
When he was placed on me it took me by surprise how warm he was,
and how relieved I was to finally be able to see the "fruits of my labor," literally!
Since being home, we feel like a real FAMILY now, even though we are EXHAUSTED!!

Hospital Review

The 2 labor/delivery nurses I had (due to change in their 12 hour shifts with the long labor)
were INCREDIBLE!  I couldn't have made it through without them, and my mom, helping me!
I don't know how women do this on their own and at home - I couldn't.  I know that much for sure.

As for the postpartum care, all I can say is "I'm glad to be home!!"  Hubby is as well, although he was a GREAT sport about the recliner he had to sleep in both nights!  The staff were ALL knowledgeable and sweet, but came into the room WAY too often!  Each day I was there,  I got 2.5 total hours of broken sleep (yes, I was tallying it) which resulted in terrible migraines.  But my OBs were great about checking in on me after delivery and each morning Munchkin was checked by his pediatricians too!  With the complication that accompanied the epidural placement, a total of 6 anesthesiologists checked on me continuously throughout my stay too.  So, to be certain, I've been sleeping so much better at home---not having to wonder which nurse, doctor, nutritionist, volunteer, student, etc will be coming through the door next!  And if you're wondering my thoughts on childbirth itself:  Well, all I can say is....

Joys of Breastfeeding!

Munchkin is really making progress with his feedings.  He did really well within the first hour of his birth.  But later discovered through our wonderful lactation consultant (who makes rounds to all the new moms each morning), that Muchkin, was actually resisting accepting anything (even a finger) deeply to the back of his throat. (Glad we found out sooner than later.)  Apparently, when baby was born, he had a lot of mucus in his mouth and more fluid than normal in his lungs so they had to do a lot of suctioning and even put a tube in to get it out.  So she told us to just be patient with him and I've done my best, but some of his latches take 40+min to establish.  It's exhausting at times.  We've had to supplement a few feedings to help filter his billirubin from his blood better, but 7 out of 8-9 feedings per day are at the breast.  So far I've learned:  
It forces you to sit down and relax every 2.5-3 hours
It has almost flattened my tummy back to pre-pregnancy in just 5-6 days!
Is way less expensive than the formula we would choose to use!
Doesn't stain/stink like the "formula smell"  and I'm sure it has to taste better to him.
It supports his immunity in these early weeks/months.
Munchkin's poo doesn't smell as bad as formula poo! So what more can you ask for!!?
My favorite part has to be the "reward" of how cuddly he is afterward (see pic!).   

Caring for a Newborn
Repetitive, but simple!  Thank God SOMETHING is simple about having a baby!  The emotional and physical aspects sure aren't.  But Munchkin has been a very cooperative baby thus far with keeping some semblance of a schedule!  So many of the tasks have become routine, but that also means that things tend to blur together.  Every few hours or so I ask myself "When did I take my meds, when is his next feeding, did I eat breakfast, which side did I feed on last, what time of day is it?"  You get the idea!  So I have a great little "Care Sheet" that helps me record his diaper changes and feedings and tally how much sleep I'm getting each day (or NOT getting, HaHa)!!  Overall, we're 5 full days in, and doing VERY well adjusting to the lack of sleep.  We've been very patient with eachother, and with baby, and his nursing issues, but it is seriously difficult.  It's like marriage; in that, no one can prepare you for this stuff; you just have to be patient (with yourself as well as others) and get through it!  Things will settle more in the days/weeks to come as he perfects the simple task of eating, and we all will be "golden" provided we get some sleep!

I'll post more thoughts as they come to me!  Hope you enjoyed the pics!  Keep checking back in the weeks to come!!  And thanks again for everyone's encouragement and support!

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