My Belly 39wks, and counting!

As you can see, my belly's so big that my shirts don't accommodate my belly anymore! 
I feel pretty good, but tire VERY easily and my ankles/feet are 
SO swollen--kinda like I have "Flinstones" feet!  
And my dear husband--I'm sleeping so poorly it's now affecting his sleep :( 
My actual "due date" is the 9th, but we're literally just waiting for contractions to begin!
(Yes, I've had Braxton Hicks contractions, but no "real" contractions yet.)
And we're both relieved that he's now turned head-down!!
(He was breech a little longer than the doc would've liked, giving us a c-section scare.)
So keep checking the blog as he could arrive at any time now.
And keep the emails comin', okay!?  Cause we'll still be checking my email 
when baby arrives, even if we don't get a chance to reply to everyone!

The weather here in NC is gorgeous.  My spring flowers are in bloom, 
but I have not quite enough energy to take pics for you all to see like I did last year.  
The early bulbs are sprouting and will be blooming here in a few weeks to a month.  
We'll see how much energy (read: sleep) I have then, and maybe I'll take pics for you!

I'll try to keep posting little updates as I can.
My next appointment is Tuesday (if he hasn't arrived before then, of course).
Take care, Everyone!! XOXOXO

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