Munchkin's Room!

I've finally finished his bedding to take pics of his room :)  
  Sorry it's taken me SOOO long!
I didn't want a typical pastel blue, etc room!  
This style and color palette fits in much better with the rest of our house!
If you can't tell from the pics, the colors are 
Black, Chocolate Brown, Slate Blues, Camels, and Creams.

Here's the main view of the room through the doorway!  
I was determined to have an uphostered rocker!  It's so comfy!!  
In fact, one day, I couldn't find hubby anywhere in the house, and he wasn't
outside hitting golf balls; he was here, napping in baby's room :)  
 The pics on the wall are of wild animals with their babies!! 

Here's his Crazy Quilt I made for him.
Well, it's just the top so far; I haven't assembled the batting, backing, nor quilted it yet.
I made his bedding all chocolate brown flannel so it would blend into the crib!  
And there's the mobile I made for him as well!   

Here's the close up of the fabric and animals on the mobile! 

Here's his changing area, clothes storage, diaper stash, 
and just about everything else I don't want to always have to see!  
That's the beautiful thing about having it all in the closet area...

It took some serious reworking of the shelves to do it but it's worth it, I think.

Here's his stuffed animal collection so far.
We're just waiting for him to arrive to play with them!!
The hooks behind the door are so handy for all the "take-along" items we'll 
need when we go outside the house or on trips!  
His diaper bag will go on that rack as well, 
but it's presently in the car -- ready and waiting to go to the hospital!!!

I figured I'd need a few items within arms reach when 
I'm feeding him in the rocker, so I made these arm covers. 

They turned out even better than I expected!!  Quite sturdy and easy to complete. 
And to think they were simple pillow shams from Goodwill!

Here's the other side of the room--And why I used the closet for his changing area...haha!
I made the desk when we moved into the house so this room could be my office.
I figured I still needed a central area upstairs for paying bills, magazines, stationery, etc.
(I love the calendar on the right...It's all pictures of kids in cute animal costumes!!)

Well, there you go.  That's his room.  Hope you enjoyed seeing all that I've done! 
Now he only has to arrive, and start using it!!

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