Baby Shower Pics: 2nd Set

During our trip to PA this past Christmas, my sisters threw a wonderful baby shower.
I posted the pics of the gifts he received shortly thereafter, but I didn't yet have pics of the people who attended.  I received them this morning! See below.  
We had so much fun playing creative shower games, enjoying yummy food, and cake too
(from which Maria ate 3 bright, blue icing balloons and had a blue mouth the rest of the day!)

My beautiful sisters in front of the B&B where the shower was held!

My good friend Amberly!

Maria was such a well-behaved young lady at the shower!
Here she was playing a sock matching game against Amberly!
Maria won of course!
And here she's tucking all of baby's animals in for a nap!!
How sweet can a girl get!!?   I just LOVE her :)
My good friend Candy, and that cute turtle she hand-knit for baby!
She's sooo talented!

Here I was smiling at a REALLY cute watercolor painting
her eldest son had drawn as the card for their gift!!

A sweet family photo after it was all said and done, AND after they were inhaling helium!!
Thanks again for all your hard work, ladies!

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