My Belly @ 31 weeks & my birthday too!!

Boy, the changes pregnancy brings!  Baby's healthy though!  They say he's about 14 inches now and 3+ lbs!!  I say he's kicking like he weighs double that :)  
But I don't mind--I actually enjoy every bit of it!!
That pic was actually taken at Mom's house on the golf course this past weekend.  Hubby was the candid photographer as usual, while I was taking Ellie for a walk!  
We had gone to their house for the weekend to celebrate my 27th B-day!!   I told hubby that's what I wanted to do for my "last B-day without kids," so we drove down Saturday morning and came back Sunday!  Mom & I had a blast redecorating my brother's room and the guest room too!!  You can't see our "daughter" Ellie in the pic, but trust me, she LOVES Grandma & Grandpa's house (and yard, since we don't have much of one!)  
And look at that weather!  February, mind you...but sunny and 60 degrees!! On Monday, upon returning home from taking Ellie for her daily "playdate" with the neighborhood doggies, on our doorstep was a beautiful, red Gerbera daisies and berries bouquet from a friend of ours--sooo special!  Then, hubby took me out to a fancy dinner!  Yum. Yum!
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