Future Facebook Addict in the making!!!

For all of you visiting from facebook, most of our photo albums are linked on the left under our pic--so take a look!  But I pulled out a few as my favorites for an easier/quicker glance!
To help "catch you up," I've also posted a little BIO to the left!
I am quickly becoming addicted to Facebook!  
I know I'm pretty late to the party, but better late than never!  
There's so many people I haven't talked with in SO long!  
(It will take me a month just to see all of their pics!) 

OK...back to Facebook for me!  Adios for now!

Birthday silliness back in Cleveland!!

All dolled-up to sing at my cousin Abby's wedding!

Vacationing on Hilton Head Island.

Rupesh practicing his all-important golf swing on the family farm in PA.

(Grainy pic from our wedding) 
But what a dashing groom and a gorgeous mom-of-the-bride!!

Day trip to the "Royal Gorge" when visiting his cousins in Denver!

Newlyweds on his birthday in '04.

Christmas/New Year's at sister Bonnie's house in Pittsburgh!

My first time trying on an Indian Sari!  It's harder than it looks!!

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