Coolest Ultrasound yet!

Last Tuesday we had a "bonus" ultrasound, as I volunteered to be a "belly" for the local medical school to train their technicians on!!  We felt very fortunate because it's not routine to have another ultrasound past the 18week one, unless something's wrong.  And IF you elect to have one and pay out of pocket they can range from $200-$600.  That's just wrong...so that WASN'T happening!!   Anyway, this experience was so cool and so different than others we've had because it was over 45 minutes long (vs. 15 minutes long!!)  
A few different technicians trained on my belly, so we got to see all of his parts numerous times, in many different layers/cross-sections.  Yes, kinda creepy, but so amazing.  Saw his head, his leg bones, his eyelids, his lips suckling, his heart and all it's chambers beating, even his stomach and kidneys!! Sooo cool!  Since it WAS just for training we didn't get pictures like we thought we would...Sorry :(    But these final weeks will go fast and we'll soon have pics of a real, live baby for you!!    So don't stop checkin' the blog--you never know when he'll HATCH!!

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