There is NOTHING like living in NC!!

We left Cleveland in part due to the winters, spent shovelling and withstanding freezing winds and crazy driving conditions.  Somehow in NC though, we have come to LOVE the snow again!
Last night we went to bed as flurries were just beginning to fall!
This morning we awoke to a beautiful, white blanket covering the trees and houses!
Simaltaneously, watching the birds who have come south for winter hopping around on the snow-white blanket!!

And you see, up north, snow didn't necessarily mean a "snow day" off of work or school.
Here, it DOES--EVERY TIME!! The whole city "closes up shop" almost.
(Hubby  is working from home even as I write this, and he works for a HOSPITAL!! HaHa!)
If you DO like being outside IN the snow, you could easily drive to the mountains to ski,
find a hill near you to ride a sled, make snowmen and snow angels!
If you like being inside, you can get in your sweatpants/shirt, make yourself some
hot chocolate, grab a great book, start a fire, and be sure to have "S'more" ingredients on hand!

That reminds me, the only winter rule you MUST follow is this:
"If your local weather calls for snow, a lot or a little, immediately proceed to
the nearest grocery store near you for bread, eggs, milk, etc."
If you don't, there may not be ANY when you finally run out of the items and need them!
This rule holds true no matter if the snow actually comes!
Multiple grocery store clerks informed me of such when we
first moved here, knowing I was a yankee from my accent!
See, they are SO friendly/helpful "round these parts."
And that's just one more reason we LOVE NC!!
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