My Growing Diaper Stash

Most of you "out there" know I'm planning on cloth diapering and after going to a local "cloth diapering swap" a while back, my stash is growing!  I also made some homemade prefold diapers out of T-Shirt material!   Tutorial posted here!

So now I have a few different brands of "All in One" (AIO)  type or All-in-2" (AI2) type diapers from my Amazon.com registry that are One-size-fits-all (OSFA) style diapers that will work for baby from infancy to toddlerhood.  They'll be especially useful (hopefully) for easy nighttime changes and babysitter changes as well!  
Some of the brands are: 
4. "Goodmama" organic/bamboo velour (yellow one demo-ed below)

This one is the Goodmama brand.  
It seems like it has an overwhelming amount of snaps, but it's really pretty straigtforward. 
What's SO cool about this brand, is that it coverts VERY simply from 
the roomy TODDLER size shown here:

On it's largest toddler setting

To this TINY infant size!!

This pic show how it happens so easily...the snaps in the front fold down & out 
to shorten the length of the diaper!!   
How creative!  Necessity IS the mother of invention, 
and many times those inventions come through MOTHERS :) 

Plus, I also have a couple white diaper covers by Green Earth (velcro closure kind) to use with the prefold diapers I'm sewing!  And one of the women I met at the diaper swap knows how to make the snap kind (shown in blue below) so I'll be ordering some of those from her soon in various colors as well!   Thanks for looking!  I'll add to this post as I add to baby's stash!

Update: I ended up HATING the ever popular Goodmamas, FYI...

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