DIY T-Shirt Prefolds!!

So I've decided to use cloth diapers. A few websites online have tutorials on making prefold diapers out of used T-shirts!! So off to my trusty Goodwill I went and found some cotton T-shirts and about 6 hours later --
Voila, I had 3 "regular" size diapers (12"x16")

Here's the basic method I used for this regular sized diaper with a thickness of 4 x 8 x 4
(meaning 4 layers on the left side, 8 in the center, and 4 on the right side)

Finished measurements of about 12" X 16" and I used a standard center width of 5 inches.
(If your baby has chunky legs, you can make the center 4 inches instead.)

For two diapers you need:
1 Men's Large T-Shirt (100% cotton), in the color you want to see on the outside of the diapers
2 Men's Large T-Shirt (100% cotton), in any junk color (even stained, as this "filler" is unseen)

1. Cut the face & back rectangles, as shown here:
Lay a Men's Large T-Shirt flat. Fold bottom up to collar and cut a
16"W X 12" H rectangle, through the 4 layers using a rotary cutting tool.

2. Cut the filler rectangles, as shown here:
Lay the "junk" T-shirts flat, fold it only to where you can get the bottom cut "on the fold"
5"H x 16" W rectangle, through 4 layers near the bottom.
Before you cut: be sure you can still get your 12"x16" rectangle from above these 4"-5" cuts!!

From the same T-shirt, without folding it again cut a:
12" x 16" rectangle, through the 2 layers, as shown.

3. Layer all pieces, with edges lining up exactly.
In the top picture, I separated them and numbered them so you can see all 8 pieces,
but the 2nd picture shows them ALL layered, with edges trimmed with the rotary cutter.
4. Pin along the center portions borders,
with point of pin facing away from you for easy removal as you sew.
5. Also, pin the corners, with point of the pin facing toward the outer edge.

*** Before sewing ***
TEST a scrap sleeve of fabric (8 layers thick) to get the tension right.
To sew, you can use a matching or contrasting thread!

6. Sew along the center panel's pin line, as shown here.

To sew center panels securely, use a zig zag stitch (set to at least a 4.5 width).
This is so that you're sure to "catch" all the layers of fabric in the stitch even if they've shifted.)
Remove pins as you go. Trim threads.

7. Sew outside edges using a serger OR
a decorative zig zag stitch along all borders.
(Backstitch at the corners to reinforce them.)
Trim threads and you're done!

This pic shows how close to trim (you'll see I trimmed halfway up--to the scissor point.)
And beyond the scissors point is not yet trimmed
BE VERY CAREFUL not to cut into the threads!!

Here's a pic showing that top layer of fabric may "bunch up" while you sew.  
To resolve this, simply lift the presser foot up while the needles still in the fabric.  
Smooth the fabric a bit and lower the presser foot and continue sewing.

IF YOU MAKE THESE, please send me pics!!

Update: I found these WAY too thick, so they didn't dry as quickly as all the other I have.

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