Baby Shower Pics: 1st Set

My wonderful sisters, and my mom, graciously hosted a baby shower the Saturday after Christmas!

We had LOTS of fun playing some creative shower games
and enjoyed yummy food, and cake too, of course!
(I wish someone had taken a pic of Maria's blue mouth from 
eating 3 of the blue icing balloons!!  Ha Ha!)

Sorry we missed seeing some of you, as it was held in PA!
Thanks again to those of you who sent gifts to baby even 
though you couldn't be with us in person.  It was very thoughtful of you!

I've posted most of the gifts he received below so all of you can see and enjoy!
Also there's some nice pics of my sisters and I as well. 
More pics will be in another post.  

Aren't these stuffed animals sooo cute!!?  
The turtle was hand-knit by my friend Candy!
Thanks Aunt Candy!!  

It's hard to read here, but the frame says: "My first 12 months."
I'm so excited to fill that frame as he grows and his baby book is on the left, 
I've already made entries into it!

This wasn't from the shower, but I found it and LOVED it,
 so I had to get it for baby for the harsh NC winters...Ummm, right!!?

Just look at that vest and jeans!! Adorable!
A "Melissa & Doug" Chunky puzzle!
AND some "All in one" cloth diapers I didn't get to take a pic of, sorry.

I received organic cotton towels as well (Sand color) and plan to make 
hooded baby towels out of them and bath hand-puppets for Munchkin!!

This will be his baby quilt!  Sooooo cute!   

(I used the web's pic of the puzzle, quilt, pad, and the
towels--better image quality than mine!)

Things the camera couldn't catch: The blanket has a lovely knitted diamond pattern, and the lotions smell heavenly!!  I've selfishly endulged in them already... 
Sorry, I couldn't wait for April 9th!!  But a happy mom is a happy baby, right :)

The pics just don't do these 2 outfits justice!  
The one on the right is like a knitted wool sweater, but lighter weight for fall.
This is baby crib from Grandma Beckie!! 
Thanks Momma!  I'm so excited for it to arrive! 

Red one reads:
"Who needs Santa, when you have Grandma!?"

These were all the socks from one of the games
and a pair of really cute softy leather shoes!


My beautiful sisters in front of the B&B where the shower was held!  
Thanks again for everything, you two!
Bonnie is the one on the left, who has 4 of the cutest kids I know!
Jessie (middle) is the one who's moving to Canada this month :(
We'll miss you sooo much, Jess.  
Good luck, and I hope you're gonna start a blog... 
we all will want to see pics of your latest adventure!

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