My Belly @ 28weeks!!

Well, I just had my most recent checkup, and an important one too.
They checked me for gestational diabetes, but results not back yet.  
Other than that, baby and I are healthy, and I swear he's startin' to play soccer in there!  

This month, I'm working on the baby's room mostly, and doing some craft projects.  
Everyone's told me "you need to do it before you lose your energy in your last 2 months".  
The crib should arrive soon and the changing table and the upholstered 
glider/chair are all set up.  It's hubby's new favorite hangout in which to read.

Hubby took this pic and did a good job too, huh!?  
 Thursday nights we have our "Labor & Delivery 101" classes.  
Hubby has learned a LOT and is now feeling more comfortable with the whole process.
He's such a great husband!!  (Sorry, I just had to publicly brag on him a bit!)   

Well, that's about all the updates I have right now, but we'll 
DEFINITELY post more pics when the room's closer to being done!

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