Family Christmas Fun

Well I hope you ALL had a wonderful holiday with family and friends!  We sure did!  
We travelled a lot to visit as much family as we could this year, 
knowing we might not be able to travel as much with a new baby!  
For Christmas we travelled to PA to visit the family farm!

Then, for New Years weekend we travelled to WV to celebrate with dad's family as well!  
2008 was FULL of many blessings for hubby and I and I'm sure 2009 will as well! 
Happy New Year to you all and we wish you unspeakable joy in the year to come!!

Mom had NEVER seen National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation...
She laughed soooo hard the whole way through!!

Here's our daughter with her reindeer ears!!  How cute!
Here's the stockings I made for Bon's kids, since I think she's done at 4  :)
I didn't take a close up of the applique since it was my first attempt ever!
The fabric was a green corduroy on red velvet, adhered with a white satin stitch!
 You can't see it very well but I also hand embroidered little holiday symbols in the 
upper left corner of each that I was proud of as they were my first attempts at 
hand embroidery ever, as well:  a snowflake, holly berries/leaves, candycane, and a star!  
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