I've been shopping...!!

Since I found out it's a boy, I've been going to all the consignment shops and 
goodwills and hit the "infant boys" jackpot!  I've probably found 20+ onesies (various sizes), 8+sleepers, a swaddler, and a bunch of other cute outfits.  Craigslist has been a great resource--
I found a "pack-n-play" (those portable bassinet/crib thingys) for $25 that's in great shape!  
And I also found 2 blankets I just COULD NOT make myself cheaper than what 
they retailed for, so I let myself actually pay retail for them--what a concept!  Ha Ha!
I also found a creative invention called "bib clips" that snap onto any 
piece of cloth, so the neutral-colored flannel blankets will become 
burp cloths and I'll cut some down to become bibs!  So cool!   
I thought that my sisters ("kids clothes gurus") would love to 
see all my bargains, so below are the pics of many of my shopping treasures!

Can't wait to use this swaddler!  
I have a feeling he'll be a swaddle baby!!

The onesies above are all organic onesies I foud for $1 ea, normally $3-4 ea!!!

These are my favorites I've found thus far!  I just love embroidery and appliqué!
I found some sleepers that say Little Cowboy and Daddy's Cowboy since hubby LOVES westerns!

These are SUPER soft blankies I found!

These were some great flannels I found for use with 
the bib-clips (2 different kinds are pictured below!)

This style (using a set of metal suspender clips sewn to ribbon) can be used for:
Pacifier clips: to keep pacis attached to baby and off the dirty floor!
Bib Clips: to create a bib out of anything, a cloth napkin, a flannel blankie, etc
Toy clip: to keep baby's toys attached to the car seat and off the car's floor or attached 
to the shopping cart and off the store's dirty floors!  I LOVE this idea...
I just can't find the suspender clips--HaHa!!

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