It's a boy--It's a Boy--It's a BOY, BOY, BOY!!

Below you'll see the pics from the
18 week ultrasound, and a pic of my growing belly!
The first is of his face and his little arm!
The second picture...Um, well, ...confirms he's a boy!!

I had NO intuition one way or the other, but last night,
for the first time my hubby actually had a dream it was a boy!!
How cool is that...!?

He was turned at an awkward angle, so this was the only view we could get! Haha!
(it's from underneath him, looking up at his legs and bum)

The doc said everything checks out; he has his arms, legs, fingers, toes, nose, etc!
Oh, and baby is about a half of a pound now and about 6 inches long!!!
So he's healthy, and I'm healthy; so, ALL is quite well as far as we're concerned! 

And here's me (early this morning...looking tired)!
(I was so excited for the untrasound that I didn't sleep well last night.)
Overall I've been feelin' great--just a bit of heartburn now and then.
Lately, after I eat my meals, I can feel little kicks and punches, and
he wouldn't stay still for the doc today so maybe
he'll be a Taekwondo fighter someday like his daddy!
( By the way, hubby is now a "black-tipped red belt"--I'm so proud of him! )

I should've worn a different color than black, and I was turned at an
angle, so this pic makes me look smaller than I really am.
And so we don't forget our daughter, here's a couple pics
of her from last week. She's out on the deck tearing into a tasty Halloween treat!
Well, that's all for now.....Keep in touch, and thanks again for all
of your love, and support and enthusiasm! It means the world to us!

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