I love Fall & "Harvest Time"...

I have finally planted all 9 mums and pansies I bought...
It took a long time cause here in NC we have CLAY for soil.
Hubby kindly helped me to finish planting them cause my back started to hurt after the first 4 I planted. I bought yellow, white, orange and red ones!! I LOVE how they look and they will grow again next year! I also planted some colorful pansies (yes, you read that correctly). Here in the south pansies grow ALL winter long!
I also went to my doctor last Friday for my 15 week check-up. She says all is well and heard the baby's heartbeat again--it's amazing how fast it beats. I'm still feeling good and sleeping better than during the first trimester! My belly is growing a little bit each day, and as it does, hubby becomes more proud and excited that we're gonna have a BABY!!!

I love the pumpkins!! The little pansies in the front are red, orange and yellow.

Update: NOT ONE of them came back.
SOMETHING went wrong, but who knows what!
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