We're sooo thankful for YOU!!

I don't know why it's not an American custom to send Thanksgiving cards 
to all those who mean so much to us (and it may be the 
pregnancy hormones making me so emotional) but, I thought 
I'd post a little something here for all of you who know us out there! 

We are sooo very grateful for your presence and influence in our lives 
(whether you're local or are miles away).   We are at such a joyful point in 
our lives--with owning our home  and having a healthy pregnancy!   
We appreciate all your support, guidance, and shared enthusiasm for the baby!
Every thoughtful card, every prayer, phone call and gift has meant the world to us!   
We truly hope you've had a wonderful Thanksgiving, 
surrounded by loving family and close friends, and of course great food!!   

This year, due to a change in his work schedule, hubby had to stay in 
town this year, so Thanksgiving was able to be at our house for the first time!!  
I've posted pics below for you to enjoy.  It was so nice having us 
all at the table together, enjoying a true feast :)  

and wish you all God's many blessings!!

Mom actually stuffed the bird...  
I just could NOT do it!!

Kurt helped with potatoes and Josh made the 
sweet potato casserole and crescent rolls almost completely on his own!

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