What do women want!?

On my local, online forum for moms the question was asked casually, "What do you want?"

It got me thinking.

At first thought were various MATERIAL things, of course! Among those are:
-A different washer we're waiting on in exchange for the frustrating front loader we have.
-A more comfortable bed - haha! Our $300, 6year old queen with a foam topper is dying a slow death, and we're suffering right along with it!
-An OB/GYN who makes the effort to understand my body better.

My second thoughts bubble up more difficult things that simply can't be solved by money! Among those are:
-More 'family time' - TV, laptops, and phones off. Fire started and quality time talking, playing games, and just being together.
-More time with other moms & friends. I've carved out one night each week for myself finally, but can't seem to make the mom 'dates' happen consistently.  Kids get sick, obligations get tin the way, and plans fall through.
-More energy, and time, to do the projects that need done before baby comes. (That list is a page long itself!)
-More support, the kind that in reality only family typically provides: meals made when you're sick, impromptu visits to simply connect after a long day and 'see how you're doing,' free babysitting that allows hubby and I to get away overnight once in a while.

Ah, but upon more reflection, arises what I realllllly want....GRATITUDE. True gratitude for the things I have and the people around me who do care, and the time, health, and wealth that we do have.

I covet only the ability to stop looking over at the grass on the other side and stop labeling it greener!!