Preserving Childhood :)

this was a list I recently saw of things for every child to experience before turning 3.  It was compiled from a survey of 1,000 parents by the baby food manufacturer, Cow & Gate. The results are SO telling about what's important for kids to EXPERIENCE, not just LEARN! The activities are innocent, simplistic, and good ol' fashioned fun!!  I LOVE IT, and had to share with you all :)

  • 1. Make a mud pie
  • 2. Bake a cake
  • 3. Finger painting
  • 4. Sing loudly in public
  • 5. Climb a big hill
  • 6. Pick fruit
  • 7. Dance without any inhibitions
  • 8. Make sandcastles on the beach
  • 9. Be chased by a monster (Ahh!)
  • 10. Jump in mud puddles
Sadly, I have to admit that Munchkin has only done #6, #7, and #9...we've got some checking off to do before he turns 3 in April, huh!!?

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