A Brother it will be!

The ultrasound this morning told us it shall be a boy.  Munchkin will have a brother!  I'm overwhelmed at the thought of a SECOND boy with his energy level, but maybe the second will be the art loving, book reading, boys-choir type ;-)  Just teasing; because, even if they both have loads of energy they can at lease wrestle it out with EACHOTHER instead of with me :-P Most importantly though, is that the ultrasound showed him to be a healthy little guy, and very happy at about 9oz (18weeks along).

Just thought I'd share that happy news. Oh, and the kitchen is getting close to being done.  Below is a pic of the original fixtures, and one where the kitchen stands right now.  That is, it still needs the backsplash done, the flooring tackled, and painted. But as long as it's done before baby gets here, no worries. It was SUCH a joy to cook in over Thanksgiving! Reaffirmed for me one more reason we chose this house! Have a great week everyone :-)


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