We have been BUSY! I mean busy like I've never experienced, and never would've intended! To tally it all: we've sold our house, bought a house(after 8mths of looking), remodeled the kitchen, made the move, and, oh yeah, I'm pregnant and seriously fatigued, but no morning sickness (thank heavens!).

And what timing we chose, because I planned on doing all the painting of the new house's kitchen cabinetry myself; however, once I knew I was preggers I couldn't. (That alone was a $4800 mistake!)  Then all the appliances were backordered til November!  So we had to choose different ones, which still ended up coming after we moved in.  The kitchen ended up being almost a complete overhaul - not down to the studs exactly; but in total it will include the countertops, floors, walls, sink/plumbing, backsplash, appliances, painting those cabinets, the doors, trim, you name it!  It all kinda sprang from my inability to embrace its original PINK countertops - can you blame me!?  We only have the backsplash, floors and some painting still to complete.  But with the the end is in sight, we're now able to relax a bit.

Overall, I'm equally excited and exhausted. It's a great house on 2 acres with a huge kitchen.  We got a real deal on the house (meaning more than we lost on the old house), so we're grateful for that.  We've been in about 3 weeks and are just now getting settled.  Hope this finds each of you as healthy and happy as we all are :-)  And I hope this explains (not justifies, but explains) why I've been such a poor friend, sister, daughter, wife, mom, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law - you name it - lately.  Hugs to you all and I'll try to be better about updating Munchkin's albums, and keep in touch!

Here's the granite we chose: Khaki & caramel colored with rust and chocolate colored veins.

Here's the right side of the kitchen's cabinet boxes being sprayed.

Day after we moved in - no stove, no refrigerator, & non-functional dishwasher!

Here's the latest pic.  The island's black walnut butcher block *should* get installed this week!  And the backsplash we chose is on the far right side (by a sample color we chose for the walls).

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