Well it's been so long since I've written, so it will probably come as no surprise that there is nothing Munchkin can't say at this point!  He still speaks in broken sentences like "Daddy, hab it, peas?" = Daddy, may I have it please!? Or Mommy, pay me peas!" = Mommy play with me please!  And yes, he is that polite in almost all his requests - it's adorable.  Some of my favorite phrases are "No tanks, Mommy" which he says a lot, even to tell me he doesn't need to go potty. Or he says it when he really seems to want to shout, "NO WAY!!!"

When he's really happy and 'rompy', he gallops around the house acting like a horse, or hops about like a kangaroo!  Wish those bursts of joy lasted long enough to grab the video camera though so you all could see it!  His favorite toys lately are construction vehicles (still...) and firemen and superheros, getting more into the pretend play - very cute to watch!

He's having an issue with playing too rough and sometimes outright hitting. It's super frustrating, but after a lot of unsuccessful "talking through it" with him, we have seen success with an immediate Time Away and Zero Tolerance policy.

The latest news is during a hard rain the other day, hubby had taken him to the toy store and saved a turtle from sure death on a 4 lane road.  So munchkin has a new pet!  We're gonna keep him long enough to get Munchkin over his fear of it, or let it go before winter so it can hibernate properly (whichever comes FIRST!)  I like him fine enough, it just saddens me to see him in a little baby swimming pool, and not in nature...ya know!?

Well, there's not much else to tell about Munchkin, so thanks for reading and I'll add more photos to his albums (link found on the left side of the blog's home page).

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