Tea for you? Tea for ME!!

In my sisters' and my childhood one of our aunts took us to experience high tea at formal tea parlors on numerous occasions.  What an experience!  We understood, even then, that it was something very special she was sharing with us.  After meeting my hubby I've learned more about partaking in tea as a means to reconnect at the end of a long work day(both his and mine at home), but before all our evening tasks begin (i.e. preparing dinner, exercising, feeding/bathing Munchkin).  It's time for us to be reminded that we're a team, that we are united!  And I'm sure there's a bit of nostalgia that's part of it as well.  For him: remembering his roots of growing up in India having tea daily.  And for me: recalling fond memories of Russian caravan tea, artful china, real Devonshire cream, and the tastiest petit fours a young girl could ever imagine!  Thanks Auntie!

Pic of our snacks we enjoy with our daily tea!
Mine: recently English Breakfast tea
His: always Homemade Indian Masala chai


  1. Diane via Facebook: "You are welcome, Connie. Tea is a special time to reconnect - with yourself, your family, friends, and God. It is also a time to reconnect with memories. Now, I am also enjoying authentic chai thanks to you and your hubby. Let's do tea soon!"

  2. Thanks again Aunt Diane! I'm glad you enjoy your chai. I can't drink it anymore in the afternoons -- too much caffeine so I can't sleep at bedtime! So I treat myself to it on Sunday mornings :-)

  3. oh great post and love that you share tea with hubby every day